Alexander Motte Biography

Anyone who questions whether or not Alexander Motte has the knowledge and the skills necessary to create, develop and manage a new business venture, especially when it comes to the field of e-commerce, they aren’t really watching closely. He is one of the co-founders of IronWeb, which is one of the largest and most prominent online companies anywhere. Under Alexander’s leadership as a company executive, he has been able to apply his many skills and turn it into a very successful e-commerce business model, now one of the biggest successes in Europe.

Alexander Motte started by studying hard and earning his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at
Dauphine University in Paris, France in 2009. Soon after that,
he began his business career working as a trader for HSBC and Natixis, where he excelled. Alexander believes strongly that the experience he gained in those position served as the strong foundation he needed to make the next move in his business career path.

For that next step, Alexander Motte left the financial services business and became an entrepreneur full time. He launched his first e-commerce business, a website called TripUnion, which involved hotel sales. That business was very successful, and Alexander believes that it was his understanding of business finance that made it so. He continued with a series of other entrepreneurial endeavors, leading to his co-founding of IronWeb, which is currently the largest European e-commerce group based on recurring business models. After more than a decade, Alexander Motte is proving himself to be an excellent entrepreneur.

Alexander Motte Finding Opportunities for Business

When going into the entrepreneurial industry, one must have the ability to find business development opportunities and then turn them into business models. This is a skill that has served Alexander Motte well. Because of his background in finance, he is able to assess a business opportunity and gauge the likelihood of its success accurately. Once a decision on the likelihood of a future company’s success has been made, the next step is simply the willingness to do the work to develop it.

From the finance industry to the e-commerce world, Alexander Motte believes in hard work and having a passion for what you do. These beliefs have been applied throughout his work in both industries. While adept in the world of finance, he worked as a trader for companies like HSBC and Natixis, he felt as though he wanted to more problem solving scenarios. He wanted to take on more challenges and not just in the finance field. He decided he would try his hand in the world of startups. Using his eye for business and finance, he started with an online hotel sales website called TripUnion in 2011. This gave him a company to innovate with and develop further. His passion for problem solving and entrepreneurship motivated him to continue developing new business ideas as well as gave him the drive to push through the difficulties in starting a business. And after founding a few other endeavors, Alexander Motte co-founded IronWeb. IronWeb is an e-commerce group based on recurring business models and has grown to be the largest European business of its kind.

Alexander Motte, Co-Founder of IronWeb

Alexander Motte has skills including that of management, innovation and the skill to see a potential business opportunity and these skills have continued to drive IronWeb’s success today. In 2009, Alexander Motte earned his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Paris Dauphine University in Paris France. Originally, his pursuits were in the world of finance, working for HSBC and Natixis as a trader. These experiences gave him the foundation for his next career path which would be in business.

Having a primary interest in problem solving, Alexander Motte desired to found his own company. Upon digging further, he made the choice to start a full blown career in entrepreneurial endeavors. This entrepreneurial passion is the mentality that took the priority over his previous financial career. It was at that time that he quit his job in the financial industry in order to launch his first e-commerce business, TripUnion. TripUnion is a private sales website for hotels. This new business venture ignited his passion for business launching and he found that it was the industry in which he would like to primarily pursue his career aspirations.

In 2011, when Alexander Motte first founded TripUnion, he was unaware that it would lead him to a career in business development. TripUnion was the start at a chance to practice real world business development, sales analysis and e-commerce. After a selection of other entrepreneurial endeavors, Alexander Motte co-founded IronWeb. IronWeb is now the biggest European e-commerce group based on recurring business models.